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  • Eight Manifestation of Guru Rinpoche

    Eight Manifestation of Guru Rinpoche   ▪ Also known as the second Buddha ▪ Born from a Lotus ▪ Tantric Master ▪ Founder of the Nyingma Tradition   According to the Buddha’s prophecy, when Guru Rinpoche was born/arose from the heart of the lotus, he was already eight-years-old at the time and king Indrabhudi of Odiyana then adopted him as his son with the hope of handing over to him the golden throne to rule the Odiyana kingdom in future. At this time he wa Read More »

  • ZUNG (གཟུངས) – Inner Relic

    Statues, stupas and other religious structures are common sights in Himalayans. They are gorgeous to look at but without proper zung or inner relics, they have no spiritual values. If the statue is not filled in with the zung, it is believed that malevolent spirits get into the statue and cause harm to people. Therefore, installing zung in these structures is very important. With the installation of zung, the religious structure or statues become a living entity capable of bestowing blessings. Read More »

  • Saka Dawa: A Month Honoring the Buddha's Life

    Saka Dawa (also known as Saga Dawa) represents the holiest and most sacred days in Tibetan Buddhism. Falling on the fourth month of the Tibetan Calendar, the religious festivities of Saka Dawa peak on the 15th Lunar Day when there is a full moon. This day is associated with three major events in the life of Shakyamuni Buddha – his birth, his enlightenment on a full moon night, and his parinirvana. In Tibetan, Dawa means “month” while Saka means the “name of the close Read More »

  • Who is Guru Padmasambhava ?

    In Tibetan, Guru Padmasambhava is generally referred to as Guru Rinpoche, which means “precious master.” Guru Rinpoche is a totally enlightened being, a fully awakened one, a buddha. He did not become enlightened gradually, or start practicing the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni and eventually achieve enlightenment. Guru Rinpoche incarnated as a fully enlightened being. Through his form, primordial wisdom manifests in the world to benefit all sentient beings. Buddha Shakyamuni Foret Read More »

  • 10 Famous Buddha Statues

    The study of Buddhism has inspired some of the world’s most beautiful contributions to the world of art, most notable in the form of statues known as Buddharupa (literally, the form of the Awakened One) that adorn Buddhist temples of worship. Listed here are ten of the world’s most famous and beautiful statues celebrating the Awakened One and his message of peace.   Some of these Buddha statues are among the largest in the world.   1. Leshan Giant Buddha &n Read More »

  • Religious Festival - Nyungne

    Nyungne is performed for four days at the monastery at the end of May or July early June. It is the period of atonement. People believe that Nyungne brings a high and powerful merit to the observers. It involves fasting and other abstentions together with acts of humility and contrition. It is the major occasion in which the common people may systematically enact and experience the ascetic ethic. During the fasting, the prayer "Om Mani Pad Me Hung Rhi" is chanted and prostration i Read More »