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  • Reincarnation and Spiritual Continuity: The Legacy of Lama Ngawang Tshiring Dondub

    Lama Ngawang Tshiring Dondub (1898-1958) was a highly esteemed and beloved lama. His reincarnation, Ngawang Shedrub Tenpe Gyaltsen, was born in Rowling in 1958. Following in the footsteps of his predecessor, he was a revered figure in the spiritual community.   In 2011, another reincarnation of Lama Ngawang Tshiring Dondub, named Tulku Ngawang Trinley Palbar, was born in Farak Jorsle. This new incarnation was officially recognized by Kyabje Tengbuche Rinpoche Ngawang Tenzin Sangpo as Read More »


    Jinsek is fire puja, or fire offering, is a ritual practice of offering into fire,a ritual of generously burning offerings, using the fire element to accomplish enlightened action quickly and powerfully.   This fire puja can help to free obstacles and fulfill wishes for any who participate. All our obstacles and problems come from our karmic debts and breakages of samaya. When samaya is broken then obstacles and illness will arise, the fire puja can help.   The reasons for co Read More »

  • Manchu Tonggu: Distribution of tea to the lama and gurus in Mass

    Manchu Tonggu   This is to distribute mass tea to the Lama Gurus of Gompa. The practice of arranging tea in the name of oneself or other relatives or doing some good deeds by arranging tea and distributing tea to the Lama Gurus en masse is called Manchu Tongu. On this occasion, someone also donates Dakshina. The donation thus made is called Dakshina Kungye Gyakku.    मङच्यु तोङगु   यो भनेको गोम्पाको ल Read More »

  • Chyothar

    Chyothar   It literally means the flag of religion. The five-colored colorful cloths emblazoned with the most important mantras are hung on a long wooden pole, worshiped by the Lama Gurudwara Jivanyas (Rabanya) and carried in the courtyard of the house, on the main road, on the sidewalk and on the hillside. This contemporary tradition is called Chyodor Longu. There is a religious belief that the state of the giver will be cut off by the donor, that this fluttering voice and its air-fi Read More »

  • Yangkukug :

    Yangkukug   This is called lachhin. This pooja is recited for the purpose of preventing such a defect in the case where the house has been razed to the ground, food is not tolerated and the Jahan family has seen unnatural symptoms. For this, there is a tradition of worshiping the house, the cowshed and the people to come to Lachhin by collecting various types of undamaged and symptomatic treasures.    याङगुकुग   यो लच्छिन Read More »

  • Che Thar : The Tradition of releasing live animals to prevent them from being killed.

    Che Thar   It means to give one's life. The tradition of praying and flying away at the cost of birds, birds, fish, etc., which are being killed by others, as a way to prevent the disease if one does not get rid of the disease for a long time, if one's body is not healthy and if one is not healthy. It is said that longevity and prosperity are achieved through this process.   छे थार्   यसको अर्थ प्राणदान ग Read More »

  • Chhewang Shwap : The Blessing of Longevity

    Chhewang Shwap   This means taking the longevity anointing (blessing of longevity). If people are sick, frightened and have nightmares and have bad dreams, go to the great Lama Guru and worship longevity. For this purpose, the longevity tools available in the world have been concentrated and various natural herbs have been mixed to make a ball of agu gutika, medicinal fragrant substances like flower saffron, camphor etc. The method of healing by feeding is called "chewangshwa&quo Read More »

  • Sangtonggu ( साङतोङगु )

    Sangtonggu   Incense-worshiping rituals are performed in the house, cowsheds and gompas, clean and tidy, incense and fragrant herbs are burnt in the fire, and the text is recited, the worship of God is performed and worldly deities are honored. The tradition of creating a clean and conducive environment through the religious process is called Sangtongu. In the Sherpa society, it is customary to burn Insense and worship not only in the morning and evening but also at the beginning of a Read More »

  • Mani Chyokor ( मणि छ्योकोर )

    Mani Chyokor   During this pooja, the idol of Avalokitesvara (Phagpachyan ¥ yashyig) is erected in a magnificently decorated puja mandala of various materials. This tradition is traditionally observed in some Sherpa villages on the day of Dashain festival, in some villages on the occasion of Chhechu (Dashami Puja) in the month of Magh and in some places in death rites. It seems that the Guru has adopted this method as a skill to guide the people who do not want to take the name of Read More »

  • Tshechu ( छेच्यु )

    Tshechu   This is the birthday of Guru Rinpoche, who is celebrated on the Dashmi (Chechu) festival of Shuklapaksh every month. Guru Rinpoche performed Dashmi (Chhepachu) of each month according to the intentions of different educational classes, so it is called Chhechu (Dashmi Puja) as it is a pooja celebrated on the auspicious occasion of that sacred date. In order to get the blessings of Guru Rinpoche, who is very grateful to the voters, the Sherpa community has been celebrating Das Read More »